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Presented by David William Paley

I present a selection of poems in their original language of English, French or German, together with their relevant translations, that I would like to share with other poetry lovers. I also take the opportunity to publish some of my own modest works which I hope you will enjoy.

What's New:

    Winifred Holtby
       Art and Science
       No Mourning by Request
       QMS Scarborough
       The Harvest Fields of Fair Lorraine

    Clara Müller-Jahnke
       Alte Sehnsucht
       Das Alte Lied
       Spät Sommer am Strand

    Edith Nesbit
       St Valentine's Day
       The Island

You can select the relevant poet from the buttons in the left hand columns or, alternatively, select the poet by language of origin from the drop down list provided here.

In reading these translations, you may encounter poems previously unfamiliar to you that will present new vistas upon the world. All poems are presented in English and German; and, additionally, many have been translated from or into French. They appear first in their original language followed by translations in the order: English, French, German.

Translations are intended mostly as parallel texts in order accurately to convey the originals and, consequently, do not always seek to reproduce rhyme or metre whereby distortions to the poetry could be introduced.

Some translations have been prepared as singable texts, however, where the original has become well known as an art song. I have annotated the relevant translation accordingly; and they can be chosen directly from the drop down list provided here.

Translations of some complete song cycles have been created as a by product of this project. The relevant composer can be chosen directly from the drop down list provided here.

Several poems have links to YouTube which open the relevant Lieder or recitation page on the YouTube site in a separate window (in order to obviate any copyright violation occuring on my site). Both my site and YouTube will be visible thereby enabling the translation to be followed whilst the Lied or Chanson is playing or the poem is being recited. It should be noted, however, that composers do not always adhere strictly to the original text.

Enter YouTube in the search box or use the drop down list provided here.

Note that, occasionally, YouTube withdraws access to a particular video after representations made by authorised parties. I monitor this list only sporadically in order to bring an alternative (but I regard the artistes I have originally selected as pre-eminent).

A Note on Copyright:
My poems and all translations are copyright and may not be published commercially without my written consent or that of the translator respectively; but non commercial circulation amongst appreciative students and poetry societies is permitted.